My motivation is simple; create, inspire, adapt and evolve. 
My name is Benjamin, people call me T U F F Y.
I refer to myself as a multidisciplinary Art Director, Graphic Designer, movie maker and down-to-earth guy from down-under Australia, a true enthusiast when it comes to action sports, and basically anything with two wheels.

Since 2013 I have been based and working in the digital movement happening in Amsterdam. Back home in Australia I leave behind a trail of success within the industry. Somewhat of a young entrepreneur that managed my own start-up for four years, I’m also a stakeholder in one of the world’s best Dirt Bike brands ‘Transmoto Dirt Bike’, and just to blow a little more wind up my own skirt, I’ve also picked up numerous awards for my design and art direction along the way. 


But what really makes me tick? When it comes down to it, I’m purely driven by my passions. Following them have always put me in the right room, with the right people. I look at these people in the room as a family that I can grow, develop with and mature with, and along the way, craft and create some magical things. 
For me, following this formula has ultimately led to a creative, happy and exciting way of life.  

If you’re ever looking for a versatile guy that follows his passions obsessively; lives and breathes design & art direction in both digital and print mediums, experiments with his crafts and ideas, and has the ability to create, manage and see through any scale project in the game… then let’s talk! 

Let´s talk

TUFFY is always looking for new challenges and opportunities. So say hello!