Digital Design



The Panasonic Lumix G project was proof that a great platform and campaign can come from a relatively small budget. My role on this project ranged from the initial design direction to win the pitch. Followed by design & art direction throughout the entire build, implementation, testing, and social media positioning. Followed by case movie storyboarding, design and art direction. 



To prove that Lumix G can rock everybody’s world we went hunting for 2 very different types of photographers: snap-happy smart phone users and camera enthusiasts. The most creative would become the new brand ambassadors, so we sent the call out to the photography world and beyond: show us what you’ve got. 


The best photographers see the world differently, so we gave them five briefs to respond to as creatively as possible. Entries were uploaded into a gallery where they could compete for the all-important likes from their peers. The 10 most popular galleries went through to a special Panasonic workshop where the ultimate winners were chosen as the next brand ambassadors.


At the completion of the campaign, The Ultimate Lumix G Experience received over 50.000 visits, 815 albums were created with over 1500 pictures that resulted in more than 5.000 votes.