Grolsch Prototype

Product Design

Grolsch Prototype


One part of the creative process I love the most is hands-on problem solving. When our Creative Director at Isobar, challenged our Technology Expert and myself to create a ‘proof of concept’ for Grolsch. We jumped at the opportunity to create something that never existed before.

Triggered by the pop of a Grolsch Swingtop bottle, our prototype was required to respond and fire off a spray of paint on command from the Little Theo (left of image). The prototype needed to connect via the net and operate independently from human interaction- other than the popping of their Grolsch into Little Theo. 

Role: Prototype design and build- case, structure & woodwork.
Techincal build/electronics: Coleby Thew


Popnetics has been concepted and developed by Isobar Netherlands for the Grolsch Global market.
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