Digital Design




For this project I oversaw the Art Direction of the concept and worked as Lead Designer throughout its entire production. This position had me hands on from the concept period to the launch, designing all UI/UX, marketing and social media assets for game promotion. 

Design Intern: Marlene  Illustrations: Elroy Klee
Agency: Isobar

Landing Screen

Stage 1 Preloader

Stage 1 Interface

Stage 1 Interface - Countdown

Stage 1 Mini-game

Stage 1 Mini-game

Stage 1 Mini-game Countdown

Stage 1 Mini-game result WIN

Stage 1 Mini-game result LOSS

Stage 1 Game End


Isobar developed for Opel Netherlands a fairytale social game called Wunderbahn. In the game there are subtle references to the various practical innovations Opel launched in their ‘Berlin’ car line. Players could win a legendary road trip for three weeks, ending in Berlin. The 5 stages in the game were based on the German cities of Düsseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund and Hanover finally to Berlin. In each city, users could execute commands that deal with various Opel innovations; like the bumper of the car and retractable bicycle rack, a heated steering wheel or rain sensor. The commands are hung on legends that take place in the German cities. Ultimately, the goal is for the player to get to Berlin as quick as they can to WIN!

Stage 1 Mini-game

Stage 2 Mini-game

Stage 3 Mini-game

Stage 4 Mini-game